Saturday, February 10, 2007

Todays Post is Sponsored by the Letter J...

So, if I learned anything from my recent trip to Israel it’s that the letter J is clearly the most religious letter of the alphabet (and I’m not just talking about being Jewish). I mean on the one had you have a good chunk of the big biblical names: Jesus, Joseph, Jacob, Jeremiah, and, lets face it Jon and Jenny (which, statistically speaking, any Jewish profit born in the early-1980s will be named). Then you have all the religious places like Jerusalem, Jericho, and, of course, jam-nation. Add to that a good dose of religious controversy thanks to things like Jihad, Jews for Jesus (which manages to sneak in two Js) and, err, J-Date and the tenth letter of the alphabet has more in common with its favorite commandments than one might expect. So, now, go smoke a J and gel (the J is soft) on that for a while.

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