Thursday, February 15, 2007

Freebee Thursdays

For the third, post-Valentines Day installment of Freebee Thursdays I decided to offer a pair of seemingly unrelated mp3s. The only thing that ties these tracks together, actually, is that they are by bands I like but, for whatever reason, don’t love as much as I should (or as much as everyone else seems to). But both tracks have helped me understand why my favorite people call these their favorite bands.

Widespread Panic-"Don't Tell the Band"

Ween "Baby Bitch"

I'd also like to formally apologize to my good friend Jon Peck who was offended by yesterday’s Arcade Fire chiding and say congratulations to the future Jon and Caroline Bahr who got engaged at Tuesday’s show. I’ll buy both Jons a drink at Bonnaroo!

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