Thursday, February 08, 2007

Freebie Thursdays

I was slightly disappointed by The Slip's Late Night debut this week (sorry JB, I will make it up to you in Friday's post). I blame it on nerves and, since I have trouble speaking in front of one person let alone several millions, know I couldn't have done any better. Besides, as some message board dweller noted, since when do we judge out favorite band's by their talk show appearances?

I was actually on TV when I was five as part of the on stage audience for some kid's television program which, according to, either never jumped the shark or jumped on day one (Steampipe Alley if anyone remembers that ill-fated, in retrospect slightly scary, television program). I remember crying through the whole thing after the show's host (who, in retrospective, was either really hyperactive or a child molester) picked my friend over me to wear a cat mask, a footnote in my life I am sure some therapist can peg a whole lot of my problems on. Since I prefer blogging over psychology, I decided to dedicate this week's freebie to The Slip and offer this recent podcast which features 2006's best band in a more relaxed setting

Enjoy and purchase Eisenhower

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