Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shameless Plug

Reunions are the rage (apparently): the Police, Genesis, the Greyboy Allstats, CSNY, even Rage, er, Against the Machine---the possibilities are as endless as a blogspot post. But, lets be honest, we are forgetting one of the biggest possible reunions of all time: Joe Russo and Marco Benevento. I mean its been, like, a month since they last played and almost six weeks since their last New York show. I know Russo is a “rock guy” now and Benenveto is perfecting his jazz chops, but these two need to put aside their differences and play a show as the Duo. Then again, seeing Russo play with Benevento while wearing those new contact lenses might be akin to watching Trey stumble through YEM after his Banana Republic makeover post-hiatus.

Either way, the Duo feature I did for the December/January issue of Relix has been posted online. So check it out and remember the golden days of late-2006.

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