Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Earplug Alert!

2007-02-13-Arcade Fire @ Judith Memorial Church


2007-02-14-Akron/Family @ Club Europa

Besides being my friend Liz’s favorite sandwich shop, Europa is supposed to be a pretty cool club and Akron/Family is supposed to be a pretty cool band. If Valentine’s Day is a social blackout day for you, I recommend this

2007-02-15-17-The Disco Biscuits @ Starland Ballroom, Sayerville, NJ

I was feeling like a high roller after last weekend and all ready to spend $200 for Arcade Fire tickets and $300 to change my plane tickets and then I went to lunch and realized I would basically be spending $300 to hear “Jamillia” and changed by tune (while sticking with my trademark Tuna). So I am not going to make it to Sayerville alas. Besides I have to save for Phish tour 2008 (plus a party I decided I am going to have in early March). But, if you are within striking distance of Sayerville, bounce in this direction (and Brownie, if you are reading this, I'm sorry I've been a bad Bisco tweaker in the last few months---I am not used to you being on the road so much).

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