Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's A Small World After All

As a child, my parents encouraged me to ride It's a Small World whenever we visited Disney World. Its message seemed good-natured enough: despite our cultural differences, we are all just a bunch of Mattel manikins singing the same catchy song (which is conveniently
available for $12.99 at the end of the ride).

Years later, I its think its message still holds true. Maybe it’s because I've never lived outside New York for more than a summer tour, but the more people I meet, the more everyone seems the same. It’s a comforting feeling, though, to know that we're all in it together, though no one seems able to point-point exactly what it is exactly

Anyways, here are some random, small world reflections from the past week:

There are two tyes of New Yokers. Those who wait patiently for the subway to come and those who impatietly pull their necks trying to see its headlights in the distance. I definately fall into the latter catagory.
As I child, Planet Hollywood and its musical cousain, the Hard Rock Cafe, were destinations, reasons to venture into the city. Now, they are reasons to avoid human congestions on the sidewalk. Perhaps oneday my original copies of Relix will make it onto the wall---in the kosher section of course.

Most companies only encourage drunken interaction among co-workers on holidays like Christmas. At Relix, we encourage drunken interaction among co-workers on holidays like Tuesday. I took this picture at our Green Apple post-party last week. Since entering the Relix world is kind of like being inducted into a fraternity, we feel the need to assign everyone little nick names upon entry. Behind her back, I've started calling Jenny, the newest member of our dysfunctional family, Heady Jenny. She's really not that heady and it says more about how far Relix has drifted from its original hippie-rock tag, but it has a nice ring to it anyway. Heady days indeed.

I've discovered that the mozerilla and tomatto sandwhich is essentially pizza for adults I bumped into Ian at Sarah's graduation party Saturday. I'm not sure how I met Ian, but he seems to be friends with everyone I know and apparently reads my blog. At 1 Am, while trying to explain the difference between a goy and a shikza to some girl (see below ) Ian wandered into this party and I decided to document our encounter. So here is Ian trying, unsuccessfully, to hide from my blog.

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