Tuesday, May 16, 2006


6/13 is shaping up to be the new 4/20. In addition to packing for Bonnaroo, there are now four equally cool New York shows to choose from on a single day:

Widespread Panic @ Irving Plaza
Radiohead @ Theater at MSG
moe. @ Central Park
MMW @ Capitale (extra heady benefit as part of the Marijuana Policy Project's annual gala)

Since I don't smoke pot MMW is out and since I haven't recently had my heart slashed into a million pieces I can live without Radiohead. I'll try to get into Widespread Panic, but still feel kind of like a carpet bagger. So, I guess it's moe. for me, which works out just fine since the group's last Central Park show is still one of my favorite memories from 2001 (by the way, I lost my friend Tim at that show and still haven't found him...I guess he was swallowed by a moe.ron)

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