Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Birth of a Hangover

Even though I took them off my list of favorite bands sometime during the 1990s, the Counting Crowes still penned my favorite line in rock-and-roll history: “She Knows she is more than a little misunderstood, she has trouble acting normal when she’s nervous.” I think it captures an important element of the human condition, or at least, of my condition. A friend once told me that I fall “somewhere between the guy who gets the girl and the guy who is afraid to ask depending on my mood.” She’s right. I know I’m more than a little understood, I have trouble acting normal when I’m nervous.

So why do I bring up a drunken Saturday night from November 2004 up on this drunken Monday evening in 2006? Well, it’s because Elliot Smith owns my second favorite line in rock-and-roll history: “A Happy Day and then you pay/Feel like Shit the Morning After.” Nursing an impending hangover on my sofa tonight, Smith’s words have never sounded truer

I had a good day. I wrote some cool news items (Jam Cruise!, Derek and Eric!) uploaded a new CD (Say Hi To Your Mom) and managed to solve a rather difficult math equation (3/4th of Ambulance LTD + ½ of the Benevento/Russo Duo= 1 Happy Mike Greenhaus). Fine, I’ll give her credit: the JFS variable---lets call her XY to the indie-rock degree---is also in the positive denominator.

It was the type of day when the rock-and-roll deities shined down on me. Who else would think to place Joe Russo on a bill with members of Ambulance LTD. But, somehow, I found myself at Sin-e tonight, sipping draft beer and watching Joe Russo and Matt from RANA open for the remaining members of Ambulance LTD. It’s odd that I’ll be seeing Russo in an amphitheater before my 25th birthday, but I still find it fascinating that I’ve been able to see his progression from Fat Mama to Phish in just a few shorts years.

And, as my head begins to beat, and tomorrow I know I will pay, today I had a happy day.

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