Friday, May 26, 2006

Egg and Cheese Utopia

One of the benefits of eating the exact same thing every day is that you become something of a food connoisseur, albeit one with a limited range of expertise. Before Relix moved its headquarters uptown, I ate one of Rauel's egg and cheese sandwich every single day. Having now tried almost every egg and cheese Manhattan has to offer south of 14th St., West of Avenue B and east of Hudson St. (a wider sampling than it sounds), I still think its the best New York has to offer. Even though Rauel used the same ingredients as everyone else in the city, he figured out the secret to the perfect egg/cheese combination: cooking his cheese in his egg. Genius! Most people wait until the last minute to place cheese on their egg, resulting in a poorly melted product. Imagine what we could all accomplish if we all worked 11 years without getting a day off like Rauel.…….

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