Monday, February 06, 2006

Go Steelers!

Trey and Jon "Jimmy" Fishman in Pittsburgh

Since my Super Bowl knowledge is limited to the bands playing the halftime show, I have no real basis to root for the Steelers. But, I did have my peak musical experience at a Phish show in Pittsburgh and have felt a need to support all things Steel Town ever since (but apparently not enough to actually watch the game…). So, as of tonight, I am on Steelers Tour, eagerly crossing my fingers for a “Harpua” breakout sometime fourth quarter.

Given my obsessive-compulsive personality, I really should have been a sports buff. But for some reason, sports never really interested me growing up, which is probably why I ended up attending a college whose lone varsity team majored in ultimate Frisbee. Like anything in life, I guess I can blame my lack of testosterone on my parents, who lulled me to bed with Peter, Paul and Mary records, and my learning disability, which made me as coordinated as Ray Finkel in Ace Ventura (how’s that for a sports allusion).

Looking back, it wasn’t always easy growing up in suburbia without sports and I still lose my entire high-school clique for six months each year when fantasy baseball is in full effect. But, over time, I’ve slowly cultivated a “jock-identity” for myself. For instance, since I tend to root for underdogs, I fashion myself a Mets fan (as opposed to the Yankees, who I'm sure have some secret tie to Clear Channel, man). On a similar note, I guess getting drunk on Super Bowl Sunday without watching the game is kind of like tweaking in Bonnaroo's lot without hearing any music. So, since I’m still beat from my recent jaunt to Chicago, I’ve decided to forfeit my ticket to Suman’s annual football party in good conscious.

I pondered going to a friend’s house to listen to the Schwartz/Foley Phish Bowl on Sirius instead, but since I get paid to hear Schwartz talk on a daily basis I’ve decided to take this drinking holiday off to listen to a mix tape I made sometime around lat year’s Tibet House benefit. Plus, I think Adam Foley may have accidentally killed a goldfish at my party last weekend…ah, the spoils of being part of the “jamband industry.”

Well, back to work for me and back to procrastinating for you. I’m actually going to be in NYC this weekend (for a change!) so if anyone wants to visit an east village watering hole let me know….

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Etzel said...

We in Pittsburgh appreciate your support.