Thursday, February 09, 2006

City Folk

So, I'm not exactly a morning person. Its not that I like to sleep, its that I like to stay up really, really late. The evening inspires me to write, socialize and, more often than not, procrastinate from writing by socializing. In an ideal world, i.e. college, I'd stay up until 4 AM every day of the week, sleep until noon, comb my latent Jew fro into an outdated bowl cut and begin my day with a causal bounce. But even Relix's liberal bylaws require me to be at my desk by 9:30, making a goodnight’s sleep all but a wet dream.

Before I inevitably break it fidgeting at a bar, I decided to use my new camera phone to document some of the cooler sights I usually glance over in a hung-over haze en route to my cup of coffee. For musical accompaniment, be sure to pull out your copy of Oh, Inverted World or From a Basement on a Hill, the meat of my morning playlist. (PS If your just tuning in, or want to see a choice shot of me in my Friday prime, be sure to check out last week’s equally self-indulgent entries in the "archive" section to your right)

The origin of an obession: the site of my first tuna

Are they taking appilications!

Our New Relix Interns

The Avalon: Do you know how much E has been done in this church?

14th St: Like Crossing the Red Sea Every Day

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