Friday, March 03, 2006

Touch of Gray

Mom, its time to breakout the baby book because I found my first gray hair. And, while not as exciting as, say, my first loose tooth or embarrassing as my first sub-bellybutton hair, I guess turning gray is one of those growing old moments worth documenting.

Like losing my first tooth, which happened after a performance of the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center sometime around my sixth birthday, the arrival my first gray hair took me by surprise. Sunday night, while trying to bang out a belated Sam Champion review, it fell from my scalp, floated onto my keyboard and remained statically chained to my mouse pad, an omen of my march towards adulthood. Since I’m not genetically predisposed to an early whitening, I blame my first gray hair on our April/May issue (and my favorite crazy G) and, when I’m fully white at the age of 26, I plan on expensing my Just for Men to Relix on regular basis.

As some form of suburban punishment, though I’ve been blessed with my health, I’m prone to falling cosmetically ill: I have weathered a brutal battle with braces, will go bald early (but apparently not before I go gray), and spent my adolescence watching the Appalachian-mountains spread across my nose. So it goes….I guess its time brake out my favorite Steve Martin movies.

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Anonymous said...

You're beyond hip because, after all, Gray is the new Black.