Monday, March 20, 2006

Earplug Alert! (and Excuse)

Ok, Ok, OK. I know I haven't updated my blog in a few dates. Its not that I don't love you dear readers, its that I'm still trying to backstroke through all the work I missed during Langerado. Plus, I pulled my back and have been hopped up on musscle relaxers all week, causing me to pass out before breakfast. Speaking of passing out, did you know that Cher divorced Gregg Allman after he passed out in a plate of spagatti? Maybe I'll remind him of that dinner when I see the ABBs at the Beacon Thursday. Speaking of which, here is this week's earplug alert:

3/21: Matt Pond PA, Noth Six, Brooklyn, NY

3/23: Allman Brothers Band, Beacon Theater, New York, NY

3/25: Dr. Dog @ Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

3/26: Fro @ Groove, New York, NY

3/26: Minus 5 @ Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

I'll be back with more personal self-deprication by Wednesday. Cross my little jamband heart.

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