Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fast Food Injury

On Wednesday, I bought a fish sandwich form a some fast food restaurant en route to a Magic Numbers show. While quite tasty, it oozed with the reheated flavor of way-to-hot pizza and I ended up burning the roof of my mouth. Its been two days and I still can’t get my taste buds to readjust properly. Not a fatal injury, sure, but I do think someone should invent a cure for upper mouth burn. I think it its a million dollar idea---we can even sale them in the Ray’s Pizza display case next to the flavored calzones nobody ever seems to buy. Speaking of Ray’s Pizza, I am extremely disappointed---and hurt----that my younger brother prefers the more gourmet, less greasy West Village Pizza to Ray’s. Its as if I found out he was a Republican or into the Backstreet Boys or something. Haven't I taught him anything in the last 21 years?…..

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