Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Trey Anastasio to Play Westchester

We interrupt your normal 4:30 PM coffee break for some late-breaking news from the Phish geekout camp. Trey Anastasio is playing Port Chester, NY’s Capitol Theatre on October 16. That’s right, the same Capitol Theatre where Phish played a series of epic (genre-defining?) shows in the early-1990s and the same Port Chester where I spent my high-school years rebelling against society one milk shake at a time at the Port Chester Coach (or The Roach as we affectionately called it).

I’ve often said that I’d only step foot in the shadow of my A Separate Peace-like high-school when hell froze over, but given the GOP’s Vice Presidential choice that also seems to be in motion. After playing for 1,000 next generation of prep-school hippies and suburban soccer moms in Port Chester, Ernie will continue to retrace my hippie-rock footsteps, moving through Connecticut (where many of my high-school friends lived) and onto Albany (where I attended college in nearby Saratoga). While rumors that he’ll play my block in the West Village remain unconfirmed, I’ll take the fact that Bowery Presents is promoting his Westchester date as a sign that Trey truly understands the term post-jam.

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Scott Bernstein said...

You've gotta imagine the venue was handpicked by Big Red, right?

Oh man, I'm so pumped.