Friday, August 29, 2008

Dr. Dog Go Cold Turkey

We’ve been lucky enough to have the guys from Dr. Dog as our guests on Cold Turkey three times in the past two years. The first time was on a pier in Philadelphia, the second time was in a trailer in southern Florida and the third time was on the roof of the Relix offices last week. At least it was supposed to be on the roof of the Relix office last week. As I have when other performers stopped by our office for a brief acoustic set, I momentarily left my cube and escorted the five guys who comprise Dr. Dog to our less-glamorous-than-it-sounds roof deck. I pointed out some of the highlights: the shinny gray lawn chairs, the fake plastic plants (alas, not trees) and, most importantly, the huge cranes slowly building an office space that will one day block out view of the Empire State building.

But the always forward-thinking members of Dr. Dog got distracted by an altogether different part of the roof: our electrical room/boiler space. At first they just hoped to use the dusty room to plug in their acoustic/vintage instruments, but the guys took to the space and started setting up their equipment. Since our office building also houses a number of more 9-5 oriented offices, at first I felt like one of my friends had broken into my parent’s good liquor cabinet during a sleepover part or something. But as soon as they started rehearsing those gorgeous harmonies from Fate I relaxed and remembered why we put them on our single-month July cover. I even think they stole one of our plastic plants for their current stage setup.

Below is a link to Dr. Dog’s three-song Cold Turkey performance, which found the guys not only using one of our plugs for power, but the boiler room’s floor as a percussive instrument.

Please click here to listen

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