Friday, April 04, 2008


My friend Ben is currently 13 weeks into a year of “hyperliving,” where he pledges to pick a task to either accomplish and/or blog about each week throughout 2008. So far his experiments have included everything from running everyday for 45 minutes to going to bed before 10:30 PM. Last week’s task involved seeing a show for seven days in a row, something I’m personally a lot better at doing than, say, either running everyday for 45 minutes or especially going to bed before 10:30. Before he was a full blown Brooklyn indie-rock blogger, Ben was (apparently) a jamband message board dweller and mentioned that he was interested in seeing RatDog at the Beacon as part of his 7 night stretch. And since he said both "blog" and "jam" in the same e-mail, perhaps my two favorite words in the entire English language (except, of course, "neurotic" "Jewish" and "girl"), I hooked him up with my +1 for the show. In general, I think he enjoyed time traveling back to his high school Deadhead glory days and the following night we traveled even further back in time to middle school when we saw our friend Ezra’s not-as-ironic-as- it-sounds Weezer cover band at Glasslands.

Ben did a pretty great job recapping our experiences, so I’ll leave the rest to him...Since week 23 involves "listening to nothing but pre-2000 Phish," I'm sure we'll check back with Ben then, but, until then, anyone know where there's a live performance of the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack tonight? I loved that sh*t in Elementary school.

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Nihilist Loves Hate, Hates Everything said...

Mikey rocks--he made the evening great. Here's a recap post of the evening, including links to the liveblogs: