Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jerusalem Rocks JS

We here at the Greenhaus Effect support both the Jews and the Jams and are always happy when those two worlds collide outside the phrases “Hassidic reggae superstar” and “I'm destined to end up with a neurotic, Jewish jamband girl who will drive me slightly insane for the rest of eternity.” So we are more than happy to show our love for the rapidly approaching Jerusalem Rocks Music Festival, which takes place at the Teddy Kollek Stadium on September 9 (though still slightly confused why after several years of blogging we have randomly decided to shift into the second person for this post).

What we do know, however, is that the all powerful General of Jam himself, my friend and former cubical neighbor Jon Schwartz (he now lives on the other side of the tracks, for away from the intern ghetto, in the Beverly Hills of Zenbu Media), has not only personally approved this concert, but is doing everything he can to upgrade Jerusalem Rocks to high holiday status. Schwartz has been talking about bringing Phish to Israel as long as I’ve known him and, though that dream is still a still a Phantasy Tour post away from reality, Jerusalem Rocks has managed to assemble a pretty impressive lineup, including Arrested Development and Black Eyed Peas (apparently someone over at Jerusalem Rocks figured out that Fergie is hotter than any member of Phish---sorry Gordo, we all love your new haircut).

According to the event’s co-Founder and Executive Producer Jacob Ner-David, “the goal is for Jerusalem Rocks! to draw concertgoers from all parts of Israel, as we plan to demonstrate the city's ability to host major performances annually,” meaning that it’s only a matter of time before Keller Williams and Tea Leaf Green find there way across the Dead Sea.

Unfortunately, budget problems will likely prevent Relix from sending Benjy and I to Jerusalem Rocks to podcast and I’ve already cashed in all my Birthright Israel chips, but if you live anywhere near Israel and enjoy Chinese food on Sunday evenings I highly encourage you to make the pilgrimage for me (and perhaps find out who sings that catchy song “Speak the Language of the Hebrew Man” which has been stuck in my head since late 5767).

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