Monday, August 06, 2007


I don't do this often, but here is an interview I did with Brownie. It doesn't explain the image above, but I think the kidz will enjoy

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PYITE said...

I agree with Brownie. It is good for UM and tDB to play together. I consider myself to be a, former, top notch UM fan. I saw around 150 UM shows between 1998 and 2002, and was a grade and high school class mate of Jake Cinningers for nearly 10 years. Upon "the break up" (Phish that is) I re-evaluated my musical interest. I realized that my desires and UM's production were not travelling the same road. No offense Sammy, but the first Alan show that I saw (circa Vic Theatre 2006) blew my mind. I saw tDB taking a genre to places that most bands cannot even dream about. Those are my feelings toward the difference between the 2. The problem that persists amongst the crowds, or division of crowds, that Brownie touched on is that some people will not open their minds and lend something different a chance. My good friend Jimbo is a grad student in the journalism program at Northwestern University and also a huge UM and tDB fan. He created and posted a really cool picture show on YouTube from the Biscuits evening this April at the Vic Theatre during the Green Apple Fest (search j8collins and you will find this and a Brother's Past picture show as well). A UM fan made a really ridiculous post, directing negative names toward tDB. If you consider yourself a true Jamband fan (many of us are very critical!) you would respect amazing musicians who create moving sounds together. I was never a huge String Cheese fan, but I never spoke bad about them to their fans. Wow, to make a long story short (or at least to end it) Jambands must unite. The scene has shrunken, or at least spread out, since "the breakup." I consider myself to be a good business man, and tDB are making wise business decisions that will not only help their own scene grow, but also help the entire Jamband scene grow as well. It needs to be looked at on a broader perspective than the 1 huge band scene that it has been for the past 40 years. It is people like Brownie or Bayliss that we have to thank for this in the future. Now, if only we could get the condesending fans to open their minds and agree. I hope to see all who read this post at Bisco this weekend.