Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Above: I know, i have great morning hair (a cyber-hippie checking his e-mail at Gathering of the Vibes)
I’ve been having very vivid dreams recently. In fact, if my handwriting were anywhere near legible, I’d place a pen and paper near my pillow since I’ve been at my most productive between 6 and 8:17 AM (the two hours and seventeen minutes before my alarm emerges from hibernation). I’m not sure if its festival jet-leg or the result of too much ice coffee, but my internal alarm clock has been all jumbled recently, waking me up when I want to sleep and soothing me to sleep when I want to work (or at least procrastinate). But, the other day, when I was sleeping I had an odd, sober stoner thought. During one of my final morning REM dream sequences, my alarm popped off, sending a signal into my brain. Instead of waking me, however, my alarm morphed into a smoke detector buzzing through my mind. In my dream, I spent hours trying to turn off the smoke detector (perhaps the truest sign yet that I am indeed addicted to second hand smoke), before I eventually gave up and continued on with my thoughts. At about 8:35, I finally woke up meaning that my dream actually lasted around eighteen minutes instead of three-hours (just like Ms. Rothman’s math class). And, while I won’t get all Waking Life on you, I thought it was pretty cool that I somehow managed to actually time my dream (even if it caused me to arrive at work a bit late). Now if only I could figure out a way to wake up quick enough to see what I look like when I’m sleeping.

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Kaitlyn said...

Oh my God Mikey! Are you kidding me? Thanks for finding the worst picture of me ever to post on your blog. I didn't even recognize myself, I had to do a double-take. Ah well, I'm honored to be included anyway.