Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 Twitter Size SXSW Thoughts In One Old School Blog Post

The view from Willie Nelson's farm 

Between watching bands and namedropping them, here are five tings I learned at SXSW...

1) RSVPing is the new attending

2) It is entirely possible to relive every SXSW buzz band at a Bowery Presents venue this week

3) If enough time passes, even the most jaded jamband fan who is still pissed that Bob Weir played with Hanson will find themselves spending their Saturday night waiting in line to get into a Justin Timerblake

4) If food is the new music AND SXSW is now all about interactive, than using the transitive property next year's SXSW should be entirely focused on food porn instagram pics

5) People who keep SXSW wristbands on for too long are kind of like people who left their ski tags on their jackets in the '80s, only less sanitary

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