Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Cardinals Not Breaking Up, Ryan Adams Still Crazy

Here is what I know (and posted on Relix/Jambands tonight)

Only hours after announcing that he plans to break up the Cardinals and step away from the music world entirely, Ryan Adams has retracted his latest statements. “Of course everything I said got taken out of context, as always” Adams wrote on his blog this evening. “I did not say I was quitting. I said was taking a step back. So thanks…..thanks again.”

Adams’ retraction came shortly after numerous online magazines and fan sites linked to the early afternoon blog post. In that long-winded post Adams declared, “Maybe we will play again sometime and maybe I will work my way back into some kind of music situation, but this is the time for me to step back now, to reel it in.”

The erratic singer/songwriter pulled down the statement almost immediately after the post hit the blogosphere. At first he replaced his seemingly heartfelt words with a blog about cereal, but eventually posted the abovementioned retraction.

Adams closed his latest entry with a stab at the media. The image-heavy blast includes a black and white photo of a Dunkin' Donuts advertisement and a billboard declaring "Christ Died for Our Sins," a series of UFO shots and an extended caption that reads “this was in the 70’s and if what i read is right a crap in pants moment- made the headlines- they ( if that is a they in there) kept on cruising- is suspect to DunkinDonuts ( i mean, that would be my hang after that kind of a trip) what ev.”

Here is what I speculate (but decided to just share with friends)

At 11:58 AM Ryan Adams broke up the Cardinals. At 1:15 PM Ryan took a nap, had lunch, reunited the band, put on some Mastadon, grabbed some coffee and scheduled a reunion
tour for next fall.

Unfortunately, they also put too much milk in his coffee, he cried and he decided to break up the band again. Hopefully he enjoys his milk and cookies tonight and decides to reunite the band next week.

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