Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Relix Ink Blots: Steel Train

We recently launched our very own Relix HD TV series to complement our web of niche-friendly magazines and podcasts (like this new episode here). My dear friend Regan (of Rob and Regan, not Ronald Reagan) filmed some pretty sweat videos down at Bonnaroo, including Bela Fleck, Larry Campbell and our current favorite arena-rockers (is it too soon to say that?) My Morning Jacket. But, my favorite clip has to be of my good friends and fellow neurotic Jews Steel Train. As some of you may recall, I recently spent a few days in a van with these guys, driving through the south from Langerado to SXSW, trying to see how long five curly-haired Jewish hippie-types and an African-American could go without either reenacting My Cousin Vinnie by way of Bonnaroo or delving into the world's longest game of Jewish geography (Jack and I went to the same summer camp, who knew?). Turns out we not only survived, but I made a big enough splash to get name-checked in Steel Train's Relix HD debut. I'd prefer a shout out when Steel Train plays Conan on July 7, but I'll take it! Until then, I'll get Evan and Jack do the joking:

Bonnaroo Ink Blot Test with Steel Train from Relix on Vimeo.

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