Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phish to Reunite in my Daydreams (Page Plays my Reality)

So, the boards and blogs are both abuzz with news of a potential Phish reunion sometime in the next eighteen months. I usually take such rumors with a grain of kosher salt, but this one seemed a bit more legit than the usual PT ramble if only because the author name checks more industry insiders than a drunk intern at the Relix Christmas Party. In case you were in Europe (what’s up Jen and Eric), on wedding tour (Sarah and Hirsch), studying for the barr (Juan, Evan, Shane and Pete) or, ya know, at work here is what the thread said:

"Forbin and I were at Artscape in Baltimore on Saturday when we bumped into Jason Colton's cousin Richard Layton (I think that is his name). We both have known for some time that Richard is cousins with Jason Colton because a friend of ours who is around Richard's age is also a head. I've spoken with Richard a few times before and he knows nothing about Phish's music, but still hears things regularly about the Phish camp/Trey from Jason.

FYI - Jason Colton was Phish's co-manager for a while with Paluska I believe. He is currently President of Red Light Management or something like that. Red Light is the management company for Trey, Mike, DMB, etc. They are all tied to the people ( i.e., Coran Capshaw) who run Bonnaroo and own the festival site.

Anyway, Richard sort of approached us and told us that he had heard that Jason was up at Trey's place in Saratoga over July 4th weekend to discuss Phish's future. At first, he was reluctant to tell us anymore, but he eventually said what the fuck.

Of course, he told us to take this info. with a "grain of salt" but what he he heard was that the boys had all decided to start the road to comeback sometime after this summer. And that it was initiated by Trey. They way he put it, the band and all those involved are very concerned about the first couple of shows back because they don't want a similar fiasco ala Coventry to be the jumping off point for their 3rd stab at this.

The Bonnaroo site was recommended for early September of 2008 for a number of reasons. First, all the traffic logistics have been pretty much perfected over the past 5 years due to Bonnaroo. Second, TN in September is fairly dry, and though still hot at times, not overbearing. I'm not sure where Forbin got the September 7th and 8th thing, but I'm guessing it is because Richard said first weekend in September. But, I think it's more likely labor day weekend.

I know this sounds like a lot of information, but trust me when I tell you that the conversation lasted no more than 5 minutes.

Take it for what it's worth. What we heard, and how we heard it, is definitely not nanners.”

Now, I don’t know any more than anyone about a Phish reunion (except the fact that I am going to cash in on all those stored up vacation days), but I do know this: if Phish were to come back we’d have to be certain of a few things to ensure this isn’t a Police-style embarrassment. Several of which we can prepare for right now.

1) Joe Russo would have to sit-in at least once a tour-----can someone please track down Trey’s mini-kit circa tour 1996?

2) We can’t call the backstage area “The Clinic” anymore…perhaps a Saratoga reference, maybe even “The Spa”

3) I don’t want anyone looking like an oldies act….is Botox covered through Phish LLC’s insurance policy?

4) We will accept the inevitable “Shine>Tuesday>Back in the Basement” segue if you grant us the oft-requested “First Tube>Tube>Inner Tube>Fresh Tube>Last Tube” (as first reported on Hidden Track’s Pullin’ Tubes)

5) Phish were never a jamband, instead they were a “progressive independent rock band”

6) Unless, of course, it will be cool to be a jamband again at which point Lake Trout and the Slip would be among my favorite “neo-jamband revivalists!”

7) “Page Side” and “Mike Side” will officially be renamed “Jack Side” and “Meg Side”

8) Obviously they’d need to cover Arcade Fire’s Funeral on Halloween. Trey can sing Win’s part and Mike can sing Win’s wife parts….Kendricks get the vibes ready, you are sitting in on “Haiti

7) We'd need a 12 night stand at the United Palace Theater where Phish would chronologically reinterpret each of its studio album’s in its entirety

8) .....with DigiFront and the Drip competing for late night post-parties each night

9) HeadCount will table too and Marc Brownstein and Andy Bernstein have personally volunteered to work the booth themselves. Such nice guys!

10) When Tom Marshall takes the stage on 12/30/08 for his traditional silly song he has to be introduced as “Relix Recording artist Tom Marshall”

Now that we are all in agreement about all that I am going to starting working on my press application to podcast from the lot (yes Brownstein I will remove bullet point 9 after lunch). In the mean time, please download this lengthy podcast Benjy and I did with Page McConnell. Now that, my friends, is what I call a shameless plug.


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Matthew said...

"Jack side" and "Meg side"
I love it!!
Just saw them at MSG and can't get them out of my head...

AC said...

Oh, man. The Slip and Lake Trout. Don't forget Brother's Past.

Atara said...

I'M THERE!!! Let me know if you need help doing "interviews" backstage ;)


PYITE said...

Suppose this were true...I have been waiting quite some time to hear a rumor like this. It figures that it would take place during what will be my first semester of law school! Maybe I will be in the class of 2012 instead...