Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trey is Eric

Last year I was lucky enough to see Cream’s high-profile reunion. A few weeks later, I had the utter misfortune of seeing Trey play with 70 Volt Parade. Immediately, I was struck by the many parallels between the, at first glance, vastly different guitarists. Both cut their teeth in improv-oriented bands. Both eventually traded in their tie-dye for blue button-ups (both literally and metaphorically). And, apparently, both look their they are going to organism onstage. Take a look for yourself:

Which begs the question, is Trey aging into Eric? At some point, Cream-heads who followed Clapton and (tagged London’s streets with the phrase “Clapton is God”) must have cried mutiny when Slowhand slowed down his sound. But, who knows, maybe one day Trey will pen his own “Tears in Heaven”-style adult contemporary hit (and hopefully it will swallow better than “Shine”)

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