Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Feelings Called Cold Roses

If I has to choose, I’d say Ryan Adams’ Cold Roses and Brothers Pasts’ This Feelings’ Called Goodbye were my top studio albums of 2005. Oddly enough, both fall somewhere between jam and indie (Ryan is a hipster who wants to be a hippie; Brothers Past are hippies who wish they were hipsters, go figure). Also oddly enough, I got to see both bands play last night in New York. The BPs played a solid show aboard the Rocks Off Boat, while Adams found himself playing to an intimate crowd at the Bowery Ballroom just before 2 AM. Both were well attended---Adams' being the most crowded show I've ever seen at the Bowery---proving once and for all that hippies and hipsters can make nice in the big, bad city.

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